Stafford and Cannock Pet Memorial Walk March 2023

On Saturday the 18th of March Dignipets held the first pet memorial walk in the Stafford/Cannock area. These walks are to help raise awareness of pet loss, and to allow pet owners to get together to walk in memory of a pet they have lost. We have previously held pet memorial walks at Baggeridge Country Park, and in the Telford area. 

Unbelievably we had a break in the rain just in time for our walk, and the location on Shoal Hill was beautiful. It was lovely to see so many pet owners turn up, and to hear the stories of the pets they were walking in memory of.  

If you wish to join us for a future pet memorial walk, you can sign up to our mailing list to find out dates and locations. There is no charge, and no obligation, simply a little get together of people in the same situation and with the same love for animals and what they mean to us. 

You can contact us on [email protected]  

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  • It’s heartwarming to see a community come together to honor their beloved pets. The location on Shoal Hill sounds like the perfect place for a memorial walk, and it’s great to hear that so many pet owners showed up to share their stories. It’s important to remember our furry friends who have passed on and to celebrate the joy and love they brought to our lives. I’ll definitely sign up for the mailing list and look forward to joining future pet memorial walks. Thank you for organizing such a wonderful event.


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