List of support services

Telephone support volunteers (Anticipatory Grief/ bereavement) 

We can highly recommend Bluecross Website, they are amazing and incredibly supportive. Their Pet Bereavement Support Service is here for you every day from 8.30am – 8.30pm.

Please don’t hesitate to call them on 0800 096 6606 if you’d like to talk. 

Cats Protection Paws To Listen and Grief Support:

0800 024 9494

Confidential phone line providing emotional and practical support to owners experiencing the loss of a cat. While the volunteer listeners do not offer counselling, the team provides a supportive ear to callers struggling to cope with cat-related grief as well as providing information about topics such as euthanasia, burial and cremation. 

EASE Pet Loss Support Services:

Offer a wide range of support resources, covering different aspects of grief in pet bereavement – free to download or view or listen to online. 

Councillors in the Midlands 


Steve Guy | [email protected] | 07913 805285 


Tim Crisp | [email protected] | 07971 493864


Sue Frankfort 

[email protected] | 07740 874611