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    We are the only ones in the UK offering our end of life veterinary knowledge to you in your living room

    Telemedicine is increasing in demand for human and pet health. During the difficult time of the lockdown in spring 2020 it was evident that face to face meetings were far from ideal or in some instances impossible without putting yourself or staff at risk of infection. Although it comes with restrictions, we find remote consulting a helpful tool in guiding and supporting you with your pet.

    These remote clinical services give our vets to opportunity to get to know you and your pet and to even see them.

    We offer the following type of Dignipets consultations online in your area:

    • Online vet/nurse visits quality of life assessment 30-45 minutes (£30): Monday-Friday
    • Online vet/nurse visits nervous aggressive pets 30-45 minutes (£30): Monday-Friday

    Keep in mind that the consults are online, and they prevent us from properly examining your pet. We won’t be able to prescribe medication based on an online consult. We will be able to advise you, make a comprehensive plan with a report for you and your family practice and refer you to helpful services.

    What does an online vet visit require?


    We use skype, whatsapp or any other way we can get in touch with you, and you can show us your pet and talk to us face to face. We would like to request your pet’s history from your pet’s primary care vet. This will allow us to prepare better for the online visit in general.

    Online vets visits advantages

    • Stress free at a time that suits you
    • We assess your pet in their own environment
    • A lot more affordable
    • More vet time for less money
    • You can talk to us anywhere
    • It can be comforting getting a second opinion

    In our current busy day and age there can be many benefits of making an online appointment with one of our vets or nurses. An online vet visit can be a good way of finding out if Dignipets is the right veterinary service for you and your pet. Because it saves our vets and nurses time driving, we can offer it more affordable than a home visit.

    Getting support after the initial comfort care visit or in between visits can be very helpful. Maybe you want to show us how you are giving the medication to your pet? Or how the response is to certain pain relief?

    The list goes on and on…

    Find out if Dignipets can come to you