Palliative Care

Veterinary palliative care

Taking care of your poorly pet whether they are young or old can be trying at the best of times. We are here to support you and your pet in the familiar surroundings of your home. Whether your pet is recovering from surgery or disease we can advise you on how to best support them at home. At Dignipets our vets follow a Bond Centred Approach where the focus is on you and the bond with your pet. We feel the best place for an animal with the right veterinary advice is at home and the best carer is their owner. We also believe in the obligation to care for our pets on their own terms out of respect for our pets as unique living beings.

What does a visit involve?

The visits are carried out by your Dignipets vet. They normally take around an hour and we ask for all the carers of the pet to be present if possible. If your pet has been seen by your family vet we would ask you for your permission to request their clinical history. The visit includes a clinical examination, disease education, pain and quality of life assessment. We will also be able to prescribe (pain) medication at the time of the visit but this is not included in our visit feevisit fee. Depending on your animal’s condition we would request you to fill in ongoing questionnaires to assess your pet's welfare and response to medication and care. This is so your Dignipets vet stays updated on your pet’s condition. This could be daily, weekly or monthly depending on your pet’s needs. At the time of the visit we will ask about your communication preferences. You will receive a written report and, on request, we can send a copy to your family vet. Ongoing support is a vital part of our services. Our nurse will then work closely with you and play an important role in navigating you through the advice and treatment given. Click here for prices

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