Becky and Nemo’s story – a beautiful tale of end of life veterinary care

This is Becky and Nemo’s story after Nemo received a terminal diagnosis. The story is told in Becky’s own words.

Becky is a veterinary nurse, and cat owner, at Vets4Pets Hereford and has kindly told her story to help others in similar situations.

Nemo waiting for meal time

“Nemo was diagnosed with a squamous cell carcinoma, a cancerous tumour, after a biopsy of what I was hoping was just an ulcer.

After seeking advice from a top veterinary oncologist it was apparent that neither surgery or chemotherapy were viable options.

Nemo had a feeding tube placed at the time of biopsy and had been happy with the tube feeding process; waiting on his scratcher next to his food bowl when he thought it was meal time. He could still drink water comfortably, but any food caused discomfort.

Our vet prescribed several painkillers, all of which could be put through his feeding tube. These were adapted until it was obvious Nemo was our normal happy, loving, boy. Now we knew he was comfortable and well fed we could concentrate on spoiling him rotten through his last few weeks. I have fantastic colleagues who helped me finish early on several days. We spent this time doing his favourite thing; lying on a picnic mat, in the garden sunning ourselves. If he shouted for attention he got it. Housework was left undone, chores were put off and appointments cancelled.

One day Nemo vomited twice and was quiet. The day we’d been dreading. However, we felt prepared. We’d had time. We’d discussed a euthanasia plan.

We removed his feeding tube, so Nemo could have a few hours without his neck dressing. I lay in the garden with him for several hours until my husband returned from work. He said his good-byes too.

Nemo was sedated on his favourite bed and the euthanasia performed.

Like any other owner I was absolutely devastated. However, when I look back over this time of hospice care all I have are positive memories. Yes I still miss him terribly a year later, but he died comfortably and peacefully. He knew how much we loved him and I feel he received gold standard veterinary care.

There are no regrets of what we should or could have done.

Great hospice care can make a huge difference to your pet and your family”.

In memory of a very special cat, Nemo.

We would like to say a huge thank you to Becky for sharing her story. If the story raises any questions about your own pet dealing with an illness at home our nurse at Dignipets is very happy to answer questions on or 0333 320 8731

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