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When is it time?

We are here to listen.

Choosing pet euthanasia is never easy

For most pet owners witnessing their pet’s passing is one of the hardest things they have to go through in life. They want to make sure they did everything they could. Having a part in ending it can feel immoral and counter intuitive. As pet owners ourselves at Dignipets we understand that feeling of hope that your pet will pass away peacefully in his/her sleep. Unfortunately this is rare.

The decision is yours to make but we will make sure you don’t have to go through it alone and that at the time you feel fully informed. We will be there beside you to help you with the latest pain and quality of life assessments to get a better understanding of your pet’s physical, social and emotional welfare. If we think we can do anything to get your pet back to a healthy happy life we would tell you and offer treatment.

Finding the right moment can depend on a various amount of things and it is very important for your Dignipets vet to be able to understand all aspects of the situation to be able to help you with the right information.

We at Dignipets are there to listen. When the shift from curing to caring starts; we listen and ask the right questions to be able to support you and your pet as best as we can.

If you decide to wait and your pet is deteriorating quickly don’t forget that there is always a Veterinary Practice in your area if Dignipets is not immediately available. They can invite you to come over to their clinic and perform euthanasia there in case of emergency. Our main message at Dignipets is; don’t go through it alone. We are here for you.

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