How to plan end of life care for a nervous or aggressive pet?

“My pet is aggressive, anxious or extremely stressed and nervous going to the vets or with strangers at home. How can I make sure the last phase of his life is as peaceful as it can be?

At Dignipets we are used to talking to distressed owners who are planning their family pet’s end of life care. Going through this is even harder if you know your pet will have difficulty accepting care or even worse has just lashed out and hurt you. All members of our team are fully trained to support you and your pet. We take pride in offering support in a way we would want to be supported in a similar situation; which is without judgment and with compassion.

Whether you are having to make the hard decision to let your pet go due to aggression, or whether your pet is ill but their temperament makes it more challenging, rest assured we will make a tailored plan to makes things as peaceful as they can be.

Please read about pet carers in similar situations Reactive Champion: Holding On and Letting Go: In Memory of Shanoa

and a behavioral take on things; When Is It Time to Put Down a Dog Who is Aggressive to People? – The Other End of the Leash ( Anxiety is also something pets can suffer from My Life With a Nervous Dog – Dog Furiendly Guest Blog.

Reading about other peoples experiences can really help as there is no straightforward one way fits all when it comes to this subject.

It is sometimes not hard to predict how your pet will respond to a houseguest or an examination from the vet. At dignipets our vets talk to you during an online consult to establish needs and wishes to keep everyone safe and fear free.

Questions we get about aggressive and anxious pets;

“My dog is nervous aggressive how can I make sure his passing is peaceful?”

“I am worried about my pet not getting the end of life help they need due to their behaviour.”

All our vets are very experienced with anxious or sometimes aggressive pets. We have tailored sedation methods and visit protocols we use to make any handling as stress free as possible. It is important to us that your pet can receive treatment fear free.

Please talk to us and we can set up a online consult to make a plan that is based on your pet’s environment, behaviour and your wishes. The hospice vet or nurse who is doing the online consultation with you will ask you certain questions and together with you will create a plan and a report. This will be sent to you so you can read through it with loved ones.

As every pet is different, we recommend for you to get in touch on 0333 3208731. Dignipets – because all their moments matter

We help pet carers every day with support and scoring for their pet’s quality of life

Together with you, our hospice vets will make a plan looking at all aspects of your pet’s needs, taking into consideration you and your pets’ goals and wishes. We will also help you and your family implementing this plan in the weeks to come and if needed guide you through the process of making decisions. Along side your family veterinary practice we will support you in caring for your pet with an individualised care plan to help you achieve the very best care for your pet at home.

We even offer  our hospice vet consultations online via video call to provide advice on veterinary care, diet and support, with less stress to your pet or you.

We take Pet bereavement very serious at Dignipets.  

Depending on whether we are allowed to we organize annual walks in your area for Pet Bereavement People gather for the Dignipets Pet Memorial Walk at Baggeridge Country Park – DigniPets Blog

We also have several articles about Pet bereavement on our site When the grief comes before the loss – DigniPets Blog

But most of all we can highly recommend Blue cross and their supportive Pet Bereavement phone

0800 096 6606

Blue Cross Pet Bereavement Support Service | Pet Loss

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