Pain Assessment

These are comments we regularly get from pet owners and they are an indication that a pet might be in pain

Pain assessment

Pain is better assessed in the pet’s natural home setting. Our vets are trained to unmask pain; by gentle examination in a familiar environment, and by open and honest dialogue with you about your pet's day-to-day reality. You and your Dignipets vet will form a team that anticipates, prevents, finds, and relieves pain in your pet. We will review and adjust existing pain protocols and provide prescription pain relief. Our vets have a multi-modal approach to pain control to guarantee safe, effective care tailored to your pet's specific needs.

What does a visit entail?

Visits are carried out by your Dignipets vet. They normally take around an hour and we ask all the carers of the pet to be present if possible. If your pet has been seen by your family vet we would ask you for your permission to request their clinical history. The visit includes a clinical examination, pain and quality of life assessment and prescribing and dispensing medication if needed. This includes documents, online account and ongoing future support. Depending on the initial pain score we would ask you to fill in ongoing questionnaires to assess your pet's welfare and response to pain medication. This is so your Dignipets vet stays updated on your pet’s condition. This could be daily, weekly or monthly depending on your pet’s needs. At the time of the visit we will ask you your communication preferences. Click here for prices

What are crisis kits and why do we use them?

A crisis kit is essentially medication intended to be used only in case of a sudden crisis in a terminally ill pet. It is something we very often leave with a pet owner at the time of the initial consultation. It’s also called a “just in case” kit in human medicine. Crisis kits form an important part of caring for pets with terminal illness. They help by giving peace of mind and reassurance that if things got worse very quickly, there is something the pet owner can give to help their pet, while waiting for one of our vets to arrive. We often use quite strong medication in our kits, as the goal is to minimise any feeling of pain, distress or shortness of breath. The medication we use specifically targets these feelings, and although they may not remove the symptoms completely the pet is likely to feel a lot better.

Each crisis kit will vary depending on the pet’s condition, and on the symptoms we anticipate may occur in a sudden crisis situation. Some of the pets we have dispensed kits to have been pets with bone tumours, internal tumours, heart failure and other conditions that can cause sudden severe pain. The medication could be in tablet form, powder, liquid or injection, all depending on what the owner is comfortable with giving, and the pet’s illness and temperament. As veterinary surgeons we do take special precautions when dispensing these crisis kits, and we give both written instructions as well as an explanation on how to use the medications and demonstrating how to handle them and administer them correctly.

Merel dog Pain Assessment Merel Pain Assessment

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