Benefits of Dignipets

Why is Dignipets unique

We are a mobile veterinary practice offering quality of life assessments, hospice consultations/care, palliative care and if needed, dignified home euthanasia.

We allow a lot of time per visit

We also have a big advantage over our colleagues in general practise: time We have time to assess your pet properly and make an individualised treatment plan based on all aspects of your pet’s life. This is vital for good veterinary care at home. When it comes to that final visit we have time to talk you through what will happen; put you and your pet at ease, then wait for your pet to respond to the sedative before we give your pet the last injection.

Time is incredibly valuable and is essential for any aspect of the veterinary support we offer. Dealing with any condition your pet might have whether it is a winning or losing battle it’s a confusing and distressing time for an owner and we strive to make a difficult situation that little bit better.

We will provide the right support and information for you to be able to make discussions in a non-judgmental and stress free environment.

Benefits of a home visit

  • Your pet and you can stay at home in familiar comfortable surroundings whilst still receiving the best possible guidance, care and treatment.
  • No need to struggle to get old, poorly or mobility-impaired pets to the vet
  • Your pet may become distressed on the journey or at the vets
  • You and your pet will feel calmer and more in control of the situation in your own home enabling you to choose the best path for your pet
  • Anxiety at the vet surgery can increase adrenaline and mask pain - assessment in familiar surroundings means a calmer pet and better assessment

We always use sedatives

At Dignipets all our vets are committed to end-of-life care and we are trained to make your pet’s passing as peaceful as possible. We make sure your pet is at ease during our visit and we have a step-by-step technique to ensure that every pet passes away free of pain and stress. We do this with the help of a combination of sedatives adjusted to your pet’s individual needs. These medicines reduce pain, discomfort and anxiety to ensure your pet feels as comfortable as possible before the final injection.


  • We will come to your home day or night (24/7) in case of urgent euthanasia
  • All our vets and nurses are experienced in end of life care and are members of the IAAHPC
  • We offer pain relief based on in-home assessments of your pet (pets can hide pain when not at home)
  • We offer one to one support for you to make choices regarding timing
  • Your pet's last moments are at home with you in a calm environment
  • We can arrange or help with your pet's funeral
  • We provide ongoing support to you and your loved ones
  • We work together with your local registered practice
  • We allows you time to make those difficult decisions, with your vet to support you one to one without feeling rushed
  • This offers a comfortable and peaceful home setting for care until your pet's final moments

All our vets are experienced in animal hospice, assessments and end of life care. We will help you understand fully what is happening to your pet and enable you make an informed decision to choose the best option for them. We will support you to make that difficult decision when it is time to say goodbye.
After your pet is gone we offer optional ongoing support to you to help coping with the pain of bereavement.

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