When is it time?

When do you know it is time?

Your Dignivet’s job is to help you and your family with the decision-making. Normally there is not a definite time where we would tell you to make that ultimate choice.

Unless of course when an animal is truly suffering but that is something we are trying to prevent at all costs. If you have any doubts about your pet's welfare please feel free to use the following link: quality of life scale.

To find the right moment can depend on a various amount of things and it is very important for your Dignivet to be able to understand the full scope of reason behind your decisions. Our job is to help you with the right information.

We at Dignipets have no standard way of working when it comes to telling you what to decide in which time frame. This is simply because everyone is different and everyone is entitled to their own opinion and you have known your pet it’s whole life. What we do is making sure you have someone who can provide care at home to keep your pet comfortable and can explain to you in what stage of welfare your pet is at the time of examination.

Waiting too long

For some pet owners ending their pet’s life is one of the hardest things they have to do. They want to make sure they fought for their friend’s life and having a part in ending it can feel immoral and very counter intuitive so sometimes the decision is put off to long and we are sometimes told that owners who went through this painful experience regret waiting too long. Not just because of all the procedures/ money/time but the guilt of prolonging the inevitable… Dignivets are not going to tell you something that is not true and will honestly tell you if they think what you are doing is a prolonging of suffering or acceptable.

There is a large time frame and grey area depending on the illness and decline of your pet and within that area everybody will have an opinion. We are there to give you a (Digni) vet’s opinion.

Passing away naturally in a pet’s sleep is unfortunately rare. And waiting for natural death is not as peaceful as a lot of pet owners might think. If you do decide to wait and see what happens don’t forget that there is always a Veterinary Surgeon in your area if Dignivets is not immediately available who is on call and can invite you to come over to practice and perform euthanasia there in case you change your mind.  A lot of pet owners do prefer to have this done in a peaceful, calm, loving environment which is your home.

Please take into account that often due to the sensitive nature of our job we are not able to answer your call straight away. Dignipets guarantees a call or email back on the day

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