Memorialising a pet 

Going through losing a pet is one of the hardest things we have to face; I know anyone who will be reading this will agree with me on that one. It’s important to remember that this experience is different for everyone, and that grief affects us in different ways. There is support available if you need it, I have added this at the bottom of the page. 

I wanted to talk about “memorialising”. Maybe it’s a word you are already familiar with, maybe it’s not. When we go through something as heart breaking as losing a beloved pet, it can be helpful to remember the beautiful things about them, and the beautiful moments. Whether doing this on your own or with others. Memorialising can be part of this. 

To memorialise a pet that we have lost means to pay tribute, or to honour them. It can be a way to channel our feelings of loss and to remember someone that’s no longer with us.  

There are many ways to memorialise, more than I will be able to write about here. It could involve doing something, creating something or having something made for you. It could be a small or a big project, eco-friendly, a ritual or a gathering. 

One of the most common ways to memorialise a pet would be to have a photo framed, or even make a collage with all the best memories from the time spent together. I always hear from clients that photographs and memories is what they treasure the most once their beloved pet is no longer with them. For someone who likes art, why not make something unique? Or having a painting made by a professional from a favourite photograph could also be a lovely alternative. 

You could also plant a tree in their memory. If you don’t have a garden to plant a tree at home, you can have it done for you and dedicate the tree to your pet Plant a tree to help nature thrive or as a gift l UK | National Trust. You could write a poem about your pet, donate to an animal charity in their memory, or hold a memorial with those who were closest to your pet. Maybe simply getting together with everyone that loved your pet and having a walk in their memory, visiting their favourite place. 

Some of our pet carers have used Deluxe Water Ceremony Set | Scattering Ashes | Offical Site ( which they described as a very beautiful way of saying goodbey.

Some other ways of memorialising could be having a tattoo done, placing some of their ash or fur in a special locket, or having jewellery made from ash. For those that consider a tattoo, it’s even possible to have special ink made that will incorporate the ashes of your pet, Dog Ashes Into Tattoo Ink | Cremation Ink ® | 

At Dignipets we also have a memorial page where you can post a picture and a few words about your pet, share with us and others what made them special Independent home vet care ( We also arrange memorial walks where pet owners can gather with us to walk in memory of pets they have lost. If you are interested in information about our memorial walks, please email us at, so we can add you to our mailing list for information on upcoming walks. 

I would love to hear in what ways you memorialised your pets if you are willing to share. It may also help others in the same situation. 

If you are struggling with your loss, please don’t hesitate to reach out to someone that can help. Remember you are not alone. The Blue Cross has a pet loss support helpline 0800 096 6606. 

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  • Kathy Gough
    May 6, 2023 3:02 pm

    We lost our cat Moonlight on 2nd May this year, and it helped me to process our grief by writing a poem about him.

    I have since had this framed and it includes a couple of photos of him and it rests on our windowsill next to another framed photo of him and his collar.

    We still feel so ‘lost’ without him being there, and it brings us some small comfort to look at the photos and to read the poem, each time we come into the lounge.

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