I think my pet might need to be put to sleep – how much notice should I give?

It’s obviously a very stressful time for everyone involved, so making sure both you and your pet are ready is extremely important.

While you don’t want to rush into any decision regarding euthanasia, it’s also important that your pet doesn’t suffer unnecessarily.

The best first step is to register with us. To do this, check out our contact page and email or call your nearest Dignipets representative.

Then, you will be able to give us regular updates on the condition of your pet and we will be able to advise when it would be best for us to visit, or even arrange a visit to assess your pet.

A large proportion of our call-outs are booked the same day and we often make visits at very short notice (an hour or less) for pets that are deteriorating quickly and we always strive to prioritise the most urgent cases.

However, sometimes we do have days were we are overwhelmed with emergencies so always contact us as soon as possible to minimise the stress of a rushed visit (or worse, the disappointment of having to make an unplanned car journey to your nearest surgery).

We advise that registered and potential clients provide us with regular updates on the condition of their pet so we can plan as much as is practical.

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