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What to expect

Everyone is different.
Is this an emergency? Call 0333 3208731 for a visit today

Why choose Dignipets for your pet’s Euthanasia at home?

All our vets have time, we never rush you and you can ask as many questions as you want. We visit your home anytime during the day or night 365 days a year if your pet needs emergency euthanasia.

We always offer a sedative to your pet which takes all the pain and anxiety allowing you time to hold them while they gently fall asleep. A second injection is given and they slip away peacefully.

All our vets and nurses are experienced in end of life care and members of the IAAHPC and offer one to one support for you to make choices regarding when is it time to say goodbye ensuring your pet’s last moments are at home with you in a calm environment. Afterwards we can help with your pet’s funeral and provide ongoing support to you and your loved ones. Whenever possible we work closely with your own vet.

What does a visit for a pet euthanasia at home involve?

People are different and have different needs and wishes so please be as upfront as you want to be about yours. These times are difficult enough and we are here to help and facilitate so don't be shy. Below is a guide to what happens when we visit:

  • On the phone you will be asked to register with us, we will answer your questions and inform you of prices.
  • Your Dignipets Vet will arrive in a car or a van, some of them have a discrete logo and the vet will wear normal clothing.
  • When you are ready your Dignipets vet will start with sedating your pet, to make them sleepy and comfortable.
  • The euthanasia injection can be given in different areas of the body; there might be a need to remove fur to gain access to a vein.
  • Your pet might have a tremble or a last breath but this is normal.
  • Your Dignipets Vet will listen to your pet’s heart to confirm the passing of your pet.
  • When your pet’s passing has been confirmed we will continue with the aftercare you requested.
  • Please keep in mind that this is a guideline, visits always differ slightly from each other

Ask a question.