Covid-19 Update

  • We don't want any pet to struggle during this difficult time as there are safe ways to provide a gentle passing at home
  • We are all working under a strict protocol to keep pet owners and staff safe while still being able to help those who need it most
  • If you book a visit we will discuss our measures and potential solutions with you beforehand.
  • Any question then call us on 0333 320 8731, email [email protected] or contact us

We are on the road for urgent end of life veterinary home visits 24/7


Prices vary a lot between daytime and night time, for an exact price we ask you to contact your Dignipets vet.

All prices shown do not include cremation fees.

All our vets accept payment via cash or card*.

Vet visit for home euthanasia (includes sedation where needed and euthanasia)








**Weekend or late visits might require advance payment over the phone.

Merel taking payment

Ask a question.