At the end of the euthanasia visit, your Dignipets vet can either transport your pet away for cremation or assist you in arranging a collection by crematorium staff directly. Our vets can help you of the best aftercare options for your situation. We would encourage you to consider your preferences regarding cremation or burial in advance if possible as the decision-making can feel overwhelming when you are already grieving.

Some of our clients like to make their own cremation arrangements in advance of the veterinary visit; others wish to have their pet buried at home.

We have advise and support if you would like to know more on:

  • Education on options for the pet’s final arrangements (Burial, Cremation)
  • Guidance on how to honour your pet’s life

Your pet's remains

Care for your pet’s remains is a very personal decision. Every family will be different and the choice is yours alone to make. Three options are available when considering aftercare of your pet’s remains.

Private cremation

Your pet is cremated individually at a licensed pet crematory. You can choose how you want your pet’s ashes back.

You may elect to bury your pet at your home.

Communal cremation

Pets are cremated with other pets and ashes are scattered together.

Home Burial

Your Dignipet’s vet will advise you and discuss the various options with you at the time. In case you decide cremation; we always offer transport after home euthanasia in case you prefer not to bring your pet to the crematorium yourself. This is included in the visit fee.

Bereavement support

All our Dignivets have vast experience with pet loss and bereavement and depending on your needs will help and support you with this difficult part of being a pet owner. We also have professionals (multidisciplinary team) we can refer to in case your needs surpass what we offer. This can be discussed at the time of a home visit.

Every home euthanasia visit includes leaving a contact number. We also check on all our clients after visiting if they wish us to do so. We believe that communication is vital in providing a good service.

Local Pet Crematoria

We only work with local pet crematoria so we know every member of staff and can make promises we can keep. Aftercare is an important part of our job and it involves a lot of trust. At Dignipets we make sure we have control over every aspect of the process so we can support you as best as we can. Below is a list of all the local pet crematoria in the West Midlands we currently work with side by side.


Prestwood Pet Crematorium

Prestwood Pet Crematorium is based in Stourbridge. We are very proud to work with them because of their excellent reputation and care. Dignipets South is often able to bring your pet there directly after the euthanasia visit.

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