Quality of life

Your Dignivet can help you to assess if your pet is comfortable in the late stages of an incurable disease or condition. This would include preparing you for your pet’s passing, letting you know what to expect, and what we can do for help and support.

Veterinarians are aware that a lot of owners are not willing to put their pet through the stress of visiting the practice especially not whilst dealing with an incurable disease or condition. Quite often, this means that the pet is kept at home without further veterinary guidance. Because of pets being experts at hiding their pain and discomfort, this can unfortunately mean untold suffering for the pet, unknown to the well-meaning pet owner.

A very important part of veterinary guidance is teaching how to evaluate your pet’s Quality of Life and to recognize when Quality of Life has become poor and when the pet is ready for euthanasia.

Also a big part of hospice and palliative care is the right painrelief, supplements and diet.

Candidates for Quality of life scoring and hospice and palliative care at home include pets who have been diagnosed with cancer, various kinds of internal organ failure, neurologic diseases including degenerative spinal conditions, severe, debilitating osteoarthritis and very old pets at the end of their lives, who may also display dementia.

Please take into account that often due to the sensitive nature of our job we are not able to answer your call straight away. Dignipets guarantees a call or email back on the day

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