Back at work; what does it mean for your four-legged friend?

Looks familiar?

No matter what your routine looked like before the lock down; things changed dramatically in March 2020 and this has an effect on all the members of the household including pets. Most of us are now returning back to work and we would like to share some insights and tips.

Oh no they have to go back to work!

I have a dog and I am going back to work

Dogs are social animals and most of them love extra company

Try and prepare yourself and your pet by already mimicking the routine you might have when you are back at work.  Especially in regards to walks and feeding times. It is great for your dog that you were able to spent more time with him but try and already prepare them for your absence by making some trips during the day yourself without them. Do you have a dog loving friend that is still working from home but would love a cuddle session or a walk nearby? Increase the things they can do without you present like chew toys, have the radio on. Get them back used to being happily on their own. Make sure to give them lots of positive interaction when you do return.

My human is finally going back to work!

I have a cat and am going back to work

Not all cats might have enjoyed the extra presence of their owner at home…

True some cats might be delighted that they have “their” house back but some might struggle with a sudden absence of their human.

Whichever kind of cat you have, cats can be sensitive to change, and so a change in routine can cause stress to your cat. It is important to make any changes gradually, whilst still ensuring all their needs are met. Easy does it, so making gradual changes is better than sudden ones to reduce the likelihood of stress for your cat. A stressed cat is normally a bit quiet and could be hiding. Providing your cat with hiding places and elevated resting places can help. Help prevent boredom whilst you are at work by providing puzzle feeders, toys and scratching posts – this is especially important for indoor cats. When you do come home after a long day at work try and still wait for your cat to meet you on their own terms, no matter how excited you might be to see them again. �\b�f2

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