I would like for you to take my pet into your – care what are my choices?

Private individual cremation: your pet will be cremated on their own and their ashes will be saved for you. Please allow for a week for this process. The vet will ask you at the time of the visit to choose a vessel for the ashes of your pet.

Please look at the following link to see the vessels available.

Communal cremation: your pet will be cremated with other pets and their ashes will be scattered on a field near the pet crematorium. This will take place either on the same day or up to 7 days later. Please let us know immediately if you change your mind and wish to arrange an individual cremation instead.

We can arrange to hold your pet for a little while longer if you need time to decide but please tell us as soon as possible when you know what is best for you and your family.

My pet has been taken into your care what happens now?

If you ask our vet to take your pet away for cremation at the end of the visit, your pet is in most cases transported by the vet to an APPCC approved crematorium the same day. Depending on the demand that day for emergency calls to other pets, your pet may be taken safely back to the vet’s home where they would be collected by the crematorium as soon as possible.

Out-of-hours it is more likely that your pet would be taken to the crematorium via the vet’s home. Very large pets (giant breeds) are usually transported directly to the crematorium if emergency calls allow.

We handle pets with dignity as though they were our own and will keep them safely in line with the legislation until the crematorium arrives for collection. They can always be wrapped in own blankets if you wish and are allowed to have favourite toys or teddy bears. If you have any questions or concerns, please tell us as soon as possible as we can help you arrange alternative forms of transport if preferred. *

For most pets there is no charge for vet transport after a euthanasia visit. We may charge if you request that your pet is taken directly to the crematorium after the visit; we are only able to do this if the vet’s diary and emergency visits allow. With giant breeds, booked in advance, we advise that you contact the crematorium directly to arrange collection by their staff.

If you have any queries about the cremation or have preferences you haven’t already told us about e.g., viewings, pawprints and fur clips you must tell us immediately. 

*for example, collection from your home by crematorium staff, transport to the crematorium by animal ambulance or help to carry your pet into your own vehicle if you prefer to transport yourself.